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When it comes to choosing the right Wellington SEO company you have to be careful which online marketing agency you work with.

So much is at stake, it’s your business that is on the line.

Each day that passes your competition is luring potential customers away from your business and taking income that would otherwise be yours.

10 X Your Business Profits With Search Engine Optimisation

Most business owners have no idea how Google works and the massive amounts of traffic people searching for their service online, every day of the year. The truth is when you understand how search engines work – it’s really quite simple.

They use something called an algorithm, which is basically a mathematical formula for calculating where to ‘rank’ each website in their search results.

When you know and understand how the algorithm works, it’s as simple as 2 + 2.

We just give the search engines what they want to see and they reward us with higher rankings in their search results.

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Ainars Berzinch – Talsot SEO Agency

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We’re here to help you every step of the way, if you have a question we’re happy to hear from you. We’re not some big corporate faceless organisation, you’ll get to know us.

Monthly Reports

Every month you’ll receive a ranking report and any noteworthy news ensuring you stay up-to-date with any new changes & tips to help secure your business online.


Not only are we leaders in SEO, we also belong to mastermind groups with the World’s best SEO’s where we share strategies to dominate Google keeping your website #1.

Google Domination

We don’t just take the top spot, we use social profiles and properties we own to blanket the entire first page of Google.

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No outsourcing, no dangerous black hat tactics and no cutting corners! All work is done in-house by my team of SEO experts.

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No long term contracts, just month-to-month. Why should you be forced into a 12-month contract if the SEO company doesn’t deliver?

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If you rely on a website for the success of your business or just your personal career and self-employment, then you need as many people visiting as you can possibly get. You probably know the handful of keywords that get people to your page, or at least should, but you might not have any idea how to do the search engine optimization. The smart thing to do is to put it in the hands of experts. Keep reading this article to learn 6 benefits of hiring a professional Wellington SEO company:

1) They’ll review your website: No matter how well constructed your existing website is, they’ll still go through and make sure it’s optimized for their own campaign in terms of technical aspects, ranging from internal link structure to tags.

2) They generate clean backlinks: Low-cost, low-caliber, and even scammer Wellington SEO businesses will give you lots of backlinks, but not from the kinds of sites or sources that Google wants to see. Professionals will also generate you backlinks. They won’t be as high in quantity, but the quality of them will be pristine and impressive to search engines.

3) They’ll review your website’s ‘karma’: SEO professionals will understand they’re not the first ones to ever do SEO for your website. They’ll take a look and see if any of their predecessors did black hat work that’s penalizing you currently, and then attempt to correct the damage.

4) They have a reasonable monthly fee: SEO campaigns take time. It might be weeks or even a few months before you start seeing upward movement in the rankings for the keywords that you are emphasizing. As such, you’ll need an ongoing contract that you can afford.

5) They don’t make specific promises: Anyone that promises you rank one within a month is lying through their teeth. True Wellington SEO professionals know it doesn’t work like that. They can assure you that you’ll move up, but they can’t possibly know how far up they can get you or how long it is going to take. Everyone else in those SERPs is also doing SEO for the same keywords, so unfortunately a lot of it is blind guesswork.

6) They’ll review how you monetized your site: Not every website intended to help a company, business, or person profit financially does it directly through selling products and services online. Some actually just try and generate subscriber lists, and others serve as sources of information to communicate authoritative knowledge in order to engender trust. The right SEO professionals will review how your website currently monetizes things for you and make adjustments. After all, the point of Hamilton SEO is not just driving traffic to your site, but capitalizing or converting it.

Having read this article, you know 6 benefits to hiring a professional Wellington SEO company to raise the profile of your website. There are many more benefits not listed here that you will discover when you partner up with the right company.